Robotic arm for invasive administering of medical substances into the subcutaneous fat cells

Lipolysis Robotics Inc. (San Diego). LRI uses innovative technologies in cosmetic medicine to create unique products, such as substances for lipolysis.
The main task was the development of a new method of injecting substances under the skin without the participation of a cosmetologist. Of all the options that were considered, we have chosen to develop a robotic arm.

Lightweight and compact robotic "arm" carries a specially designed cartridge with a set of sensors for performing a controlled injection by a cluster of several dozen needles.

The device was developed in accordance with the international standards ISO 15288, and proved its effectiveness after a series of tests.
LipoBot provides the highest safety standards and can work in close proximity to the human body.

Robotic arm
Invasive procedure
Cartridge with micro-needles
Navigation system