A smart digital concierge created to work in Vacation rental hotels that work with AirBNB and VRBO systems. The service solves a number of problems of both hotel owners and apartment guests.
The owner of the MIYNI hotel saves money by reducing employee salaries fund, taxes and recruiting fees. This service contributes to the increasing number of positive ratings of the hotel. The built-in noise sensor eliminates disturbance issues with neighbors. MYINI also has a service for the additional up-sale of services and custom property items.

MYINI guests will be provided with a choice of a local guide featuring iconic locations from restaurants to attractions.
In addition, MYINI allows the guests to call a taxi cab, order food and surf the Internet. You can ask a question directly via online chat. No language barrier - the interface has been translated into many languages.
The devices monitor the noise level, and if the guests are louder than is allowed by local regulations, the service sends a notification to the owner of the hotel. MYINI allows you to advertise any offers: FMCG products, local services, coffee shops nearby, pet food, sports equipment, just to name a few.
Myini can manage door locks - without the need for keys/cards to access the room;
manage service and maintenance requests, as well as:
•Communicate with customers through devices
•Manage inventory
•Send guides before arrival
•Monitor the implementation of hotel regulations
•Monitor the arrival and departure of guests
Hotel chains, hotel owners working on Vacation rental via AirBNB and VRBO services
Potential consumers
Touch screen
Noise sensor
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